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With Value, I'm exploring the realistic value of the currency and what it represents. I'm not limiting myself to a specific style or technique so I have complete artistic freedom when it comes to using techniques and media. I've started working on this series in 2014 and I plan to resume it in full in 2020.

Afghani, apsar, ariary, baht, balboa, birr, bolívar, boliviano, bondscedi, colón, córdoba, dalasi, denar, dinar, dirham, dobra, dollar, đồng, dram, escudo, euro, florin, forint, franc, gourde, guaraní, guilder, hryvnia, rupee, kina, kip, koruna, króna, krone, kuna, kwacha, kwanza, kyat, lari, lek, lempira, leone, leu, lev, lilangeni, lira, loti, manat, mark, metical, naira, nakfa, ngultrum, ouguiya, paʻanga, pataca, peseta, peso, pound, pula, quetzal, rand, real, rial, riel, ringgit, riyal, ruble, rufiyaa, rupee, rupiah, shekel, shilling, sol, som, so’m, somoni, taka, tālā, tenge, tögrög, vatu, won, yen, yuan, złoty... and all are worthless...

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