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Criticism in action

Polymer clay in glass bell • 26×15cm • 2022
We transform, adapt values, opinions, perspectives. In this multi-layered development, it is often difficult to come to rational conclusions, unclouded by rigid attitude, feeling, tradition, stubbornness. Certain elements of our condition become trivial, illusions are lost and sometimes in rare situations of awareness, we manage to see things, relatively speaking, as they really are. We often realize that something that was of crucial importance to us is actually irrelevant, unnecessary and maybe even disastrous for further development. Sentiment generally does not allow us clear reasoning and in such situations we resort to rationalization as the most appropriate tool of justification. Sometimes it is necessary to face the truth, to overcome the internal conflict and to realize that something is really just a mistake that we persistently validate and add importance to.
Marija Nikolic - Kritika na delu R15x26cm.jpg
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