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Marija & Marina

Art collaboration?!¡¿ Say no more!
Belgrade furniture design studio Anibo had the idea: to match and merge our creativity, which I have found very flattering. And this is the outcome of pairing on the first sight unreliable pieces in the same interior: my pixelized blueish canvases with vibrant colors of soft velvet forms.
The new retro: Marina cocktail chair collection by Anibo comes in four variations, each with four distinct tones: Rosa, Terra, Miele and Pistachio.

ZContemporary X Curare - Merging Art With Skateboarding

Berlin-based Curare is a skateboarding company that seeks to empower its community and invigorate its artistic roots. To them, skateboarding is an artform and the boards are the medium. Curare promotes inclusivity, self-expansion and creative passion.

ZContemporary and Curare have chosen four gallery artists who will have the opportunity to design skateboard decks and thus explore this new medium. I'm one of them.
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