The Golden Ratio

 This is a series of artworks that I started working on in 2018.
I am developing and researching the harmony of perfect proportions, colors, tones, and shapes through precise geometry.
The cycle is deeply based around the abstract form.  

Golden Light

Golden Light pieces are a segment of a larger series named The Golden Ratio. The style of painting, colors, and tones are connecting these pieces while separating them as an independent series of artwork that can stand on its own. Contrasts and tone values have caught my attention and these relations are the driving force behind my work with light as a final detail. One of my main inspirations for these artworks is the legacy of Paul Klee.


Decisive in searching for her harmony, Marija is on a quest for her own perfection. She achieves harmony in the very act of creation by tonal values and sporadically accented gilding, in order to reach the point of light as a final “crescendo”. Her paintings have an associative value, at the moment when Marija pauses in her abstraction and leaves to the observer to develop his/her own personal experience and interpretation.

Kruna Novović, MA art historian


Disharmony, disbalance, and chaos are the main drives of my creative expression. I cut, shape, trim and break. I am looking for harmony and order, balanced relations of the whole, of surface and color. I am searching for the organic and intimate. I distort the meaning of exact geometry relying on (un)precise dimensions.

We are imperfect creatures in search of our own order, peace, and balance. In the dark, we are scrutinizing our possibilities through gray and obscure areas, looking for meaning, a lighthouse, and path. When it presents itself - this path is very clear, it is the only possible route, like a golden line, guiding us to enlightenment.