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The Golden Ratio

This is a series of artworks that I started working on in 2018.
I am developing and researching the harmony of perfect proportions, colors, tones, and shapes through precise geometry.
The cycle is deeply based around the abstract form. 


Eclipse is a series of artworks that aim to explore the subtle color values and contrasts during morning and evening changes of light. In the age of widely available digital photography, we must acknowledge that there are limitations in capturing the essence of our visual experiences. The digital rendering usually does not manage to accurately encapsulate the seductive visual changes that we are able to enjoy with a naked eye. The goal is to "fill in the blanks” of what the camera sees and what we experience. As a result, making accurate photographs of these canvases can be quite challenging - mostly due to subtle color use.

Disharmony, disbalance, and chaos are the main drives of my creative expression. I cut, shape, trim and break. I am looking for harmony and order, balanced relations of the whole, of surface and color. I am searching for the organic and intimate. I distort the meaning of exact geometry relying on (un)precise dimensions.

We are imperfect creatures in search of our own order, peace, and balance. In the dark, we are scrutinizing our possibilities through gray and obscure areas, looking for meaning, a lighthouse, and path. When it presents itself - this path is very clear, it is the only possible route, like a golden line, guiding us to enlightenment.

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