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Instalation • Concrete, plaster and steel • 2021
The Burden was conceived in an attempt to materialize and concretize the increasingly difficult external and internal factors, which are an inevitable part of our everyday life. As these elements frequently overlap and merge, it is necessary to clearly define them as linguistic concepts (and their synonyms) and as such, translate them into an adequate physical form. Even though the initial focus was on materialistic issues, the complex relations between terms demanded an expansion of focus in order to include psychological, emotional and physical spheres. The choice of concrete as a base material was caused by the reflection of the modern way of life, especially in urban environments, as well as our inability to depart from it on a long-term basis. The form of the brick, as well as the elements of chains and shackles, have for their objective to accentuate the decrease of freedoms in all their forms, as well as psychological confinements, which we frequently impose on ourselves. In the final implementation, the work is decentralized and very modular; by doing this we remove the requirement to have all elements of artwork exhibited in a single location.
Big thanks to The Youth Biennial for supporting production!
Burden Marija Nikolic.jpg
Distraction, Immobility, Disease, Addiction, Rules, Ideology, Pressure, Fashion, Frustration, Change, Dogma, Opinion, Religion, Fear, Originality, Education, Stubborn, Success, Integrity, Skill, Laziness, Envy, Anger, Escapism, Decision, Moody, Promises, Rent, Critique, Rivalry, Weakness, Debt, Bills, Deadline, Credit, Taxes, Time, Routine, Blockage, Greed, Temper, Intolerance, Belief, Prejudice, Bias, Bigotry, Sexism, Chauvinism, Racism, Elitism, Devotion, Loyalty, Duty, Hate, Solitude, Origins, Politics, Borders, OCD, Image, Insomnia, Sadness, Desolation, Poverty, Hunger, Pride, Dependence, Loan, Insecurity, Emotion, Crisis, Obligation, Dysfunction, Ambition, Money, Conceal, Absence, Rejection, Nationality, Ego, Art, Flaw, Identity, Phobia, Anxiety, Isolation, Conscience, Desire, Memories, Depression, Obscurity, Silence, Invisibility, Sin, Mistakes, Class, Scars, History, Economy, Discrimination, Demotivation, Expectations, Commitment, Relationships, Nihilism... What's your burden? 
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