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The Golden Ratio

This is a series of artworks that I started working on in 2018.
I am developing and researching the harmony of perfect proportions, colors, tones, and shapes through precise geometry.
The cycle is deeply based around the abstract form. 


My Back to Black series of artworks is another segment of a larger series named The Golden Ratio. In this mini-series I am developing and researching the overall harmony of proportions while introducing elements like textures, shapes, highlighted brush strokes and various paint thickness. The absence of light is the main drive behind these pieces. In addition to further exploring texture as an independent element devoid of color, I'm researching just how much black or white paint can influence an atmosphere and create a certain dose of gloom. No color is used; there is either presence or absence of light, which results in highly textured, black and white pieces. The texture is sometimes used as a tool for dividing the canvas and creating space. While
the starting point is an abstract minimalistic approach, the paintings might have a certain associative value.


Marija Nikolić embarks on a new creative adventure with the series of pieces Back to Black. Her painterly exploration using monochrome color and brush focuses on the canvas texture of the black and white color reexamining their atmospheric and emotional meaning.

Kruna Novović, MA art historian


Disharmony, disbalance, and chaos are the main drives of my creative expression. I cut, shape, trim and break. I am looking for harmony and order, balanced relations of the whole, of surface and color. I am searching for the organic and intimate. I distort the meaning of exact geometry relying on (un)precise dimensions.

We are imperfect creatures in search of our own order, peace, and balance. In the dark, we are scrutinizing our possibilities through gray and obscure areas, looking for meaning, a lighthouse, and path. When it presents itself - this path is very clear, it is the only possible route, like a golden line, guiding us to enlightenment.

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